Akin High School “Bulldogs”

The History of Akin High School

Akin (population approx. 100) is located in far south-central Illinois in the east-central portion of Franklin County.  Akin is about 8 miles east of Benton.  Akin is situated in a country setting on County Road 3 just east of County Road 17.  The Illinois Central Railroad travels to the west of Akin.  The town appears to be about 3 blocks from north to south and 3 blocks from east to west. Akin is an unicorporated town at this time.

We were unable to access any information on the internet regarding the history of the town of Akin and its former school.  The only evidence we currently have that a high school once existed in Akin is from the Geneology Trails web address of http://genealogytrails.com/ill/franklin/schools.htm .  This page simply lists a school called “Akin High School” with nothing further in support.

Our guess, judging by the size of the town and the history of other schools on this site, is that Akin likely offered a 2 or 3-year high school from the early 1920s through the late 1940s.  If you have any further information regarding Akin or the former Akin High School please contact us at eganann@sbcglobal.net.

Dennis Smail tells the following about the current elementary school still functioning in Akin:

“From the map there seems to be some kind of school on the West end of town still standing, maybe a newer one, maybe the old one!  It is called Akin Blacktop Elementary, and is very small if it is still operating….10 to 15 students per grade.  There is some evidence that the school colors were / are red and black and the nickname is Bulldogs!”

Adam Rosoho also advises:

“As for the grade school at Akin, it is still operating.  They are the Akin Bulldogs and their colors are red and white.  The enrollment for Akin Grade School K-8 is 115 students.  The school only offers Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball.”

Akin High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                  1920s?

Year closed:                   1940s?

Consolidated to:              Benton High School

Akin HS team nickname:  possibly the “Bulldogs”

Team uniform colors:        possibly Red & Black

School Fight Song:          unavailable

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