Mineral Cemetery S-Z

It is hoped that some day we will have every tombstone in the Mineral Township Cemetery pictured on this page.  This will take some time, so please be patient.  If you view this page and would like your relative or friend’s stone pictured please write to us at dpnanninga@comcast.net .  To have this accomplished more expeditiously please take the photo yourself, scan, and send it to the same e-mail address.

The stones will be shown in alphabetical order by last name.

GWENDA (Miller) SMITH (1937-1988)
ETTA (1865-1939) & EDWIN (1861-1948) STUDLEY
Richard Swan Inscription on Stone
Carolyn (1931-??) and Richard (1928-1997) Swan
ANNA (1918-) & ALONZO (1919-1984) TURNER