Every school on the Illinois High School Glory Days site had a beginning and ending point. The following list is to show all the schools located in Central Illinois on our site and what became of them after they closed.

For Central Illinois, the area south of Interstate 80 and north of Interstate 72 to Champaign and north of Interstate 74 east from Champaign between the Mississippi River and Indiana border have determined which schools are on this list. Interstate 39 to Normal, then US 51 South divides the east from the west.

(West of I-39/US 51, south of Interstate 80 & north of Interstate 72)

Name of School                   Who it merged with                 What it became

Abingdon                             Avon                                        Abingdon-Avon

Adair                                    Macomb                                  Macomb

Aledo                                   Joy Westmer                            Aledo Mercer County

Aledo Academy                    closed                                      closed

Aledo Roosevelt MA             closed                                      closed

Alexis                                   Monmouth Yorkwood, Warren  Alexis United

Alpha                                   Woodhull                                 Woodhull Alwood

Altona                                  Rio, Oneida, Victoria               Oneida ROVA

Andover                               Orion                                        Orion

Arenzville                             Chapin, Concord                     Concord Triopia

Armington Hittle                   McLean-Waynesville               McLean-Waynesville-Armington

Ashland                                Chandlerville                          Ashland AC Central

Atlanta                                 Danvers, Hopedale,                 Stanford Olympia



Atlas                                     Pleasant Hill                           Pleasant Hill

Augusta                                Bowen                                     Augusta Southeastern

Averyville                             changed name                        Peoria Kingman

Avon                                    Abingdon                                 Abingdon-Avon

Bader                                   Astoria                                     Astoria

Bardolph                              Macomb                                  Macomb

Basco                                   Carthage                                 Illini West

Bath-Lynchburg                    Kilbourne                                Bath Balyki

Bath Balyki                           Havana                                    Havana

Baylis                                   Pittsfield                                   Pittsfield

Beason                                 Lincoln, Mt. Pulaski                  Lincoln, Mt. Pulaski

Benson                                 Roanoke                                  Roanoke-Benson

Biggsville                             Gladstone-Oquawka                 Biggsville Union

Biggsville Union                   Stronghurst Southern               Biggsville West Central

Blandinsville                        Good Hope, Sciota                  Sciota Northwestern

Bloomington St. Joseph       Bloomington St, Mary             Bloomington St. Mary

Bloomington St. Mary          name change                          Bloomington Trinity

Bloomington Trinity             name change                          Bloomington Central Catholic

Blue Mound                         Macon                                     Macon Meridian

Bowen                                  Augusta                                   Augusta Southeastern

Bradford                               DEACTIVATED—sends students to Manlius Bureau Valley,

Toulon Stark County, or to Henry-Senachwine

Broadwell                             Lincoln                                    Lincoln

Browning                              Rushville                                 Rushville-Industry

Bryant                                   Lewistown                               Lewistown

Buda                                    Sheffield                                  Buda Western

Buda Western                       Manlius, Walnut, Wyanet         Manlius Bureau Valley

Buffalo                                 Dawson, Mechanicsburg           Buffalo Tri-City

Bureau                                 Walnut, Wyanet                        Walnut, Wyanet

Bureau Junction                   Spring Valley Hall                    Spring Valley Hall

Burnside                               Carthage                                  Carthage Hancock Central

Bushnell                               Prairie City                               Bushnell-Prairie City

Camden                               Rushville                                  Rushville

Camp Point Maplewood      Camp Point                              Camp Point Central

Carlock                                 Normal                                     Normal

Carthage                              Dallas City, LaHarpe                 Carthage Illini West

Castleton                              Bradford, Wyoming                   Bradford, Wyoming

Chambersburg                      Meredosia                                Meredosia-Chambersburg

Chapin                                 Arenzville, Concord                  Concord Triopia

Chestnut                               Mount Pulaski                           Mount Pulaski

Clayton                                Camp Point,Golden,Coatsburg Camp Point Central

Coal Valley                          Moline                                      Moline

Coatsburg                            Camp Point,Clayton,Golden     Camp Point Central

Colchester                            Sciota Northwestern                  Colchester West Prairie

Colona                                 Geneseo Darnall                       Geneseo Darnall

Colusa                                  Nauvoo                                     Nauvoo-Colusa

Congerville                          Eureka                                       Eureka

Cornland                              Mount Pulaski                           Mount Pulaski

Dallas City                           Carthage, LaHarpe                    Carthage Illini West

Danvers                               Atlanta, Hopedale, Stanford-     Stanford Olympia

Minier, McLean-Waynesville-Armington

Dawson                                Buffalo, Mechanicsburg            Buffalo Tri-City

Denver                                 Carthage                                   Carthage Hancock Central

Deer Creek                          Mackinaw                                  Mackinaw Dee-Mack

De Long                              Knoxville                                     Knoxville

Dover                                   closed                                       Princeton

Easton                                 Mason City, San Jose                Mason City Illini Central

Elkhart                                 Mount Pulaski                            Mount Pulaski

Ellisville                              Fairview, London Mills               London Mills Spoon River Valley

Elmira                                 Toulon                                       Toulon

Elvaston                              Hamilton                                    Hamilton

Emden                                Hartsburg                                    Hartsburg-Emden

Exeter                                 Bluffs                                          Bluffs

Fairview                              Ellisville, London Mills               London Mills Spoon River Valley

Farm Ridge Seminary         closed                                        closed

Ferris                                   Carthage                                    Carthage Hancock Central

Forest City                           Manito                                       Manito Forman

Fountain Green                   Carthage, LaHarpe                    Carthage, LaHarpe

Galesburg Corpus Christi     name change                            Galesburg Costa

Galesburg Costa                  closed                                        closed

Galesburg St. Joseph          Galesburg Corpus Christi            Galesburg Corpus Christi

Gilson (Hawcreek Twp.)       Knoxville                                    Knoxville

Gladstone                            Oquawka                                    Gladstone-Oquawka

Gladstone-Oquawka             Biggsville                                  Biggsville Union

Golden                                Camp Point, Ellisville                Camp Point Central

Good Hope                          Blandinsville, Sciota                 Sciota Northwestern

Granville Hopkins                 Hennepin, Magnolia-Swaney    Granville Putnam County

Green Valley                       Manito Forman                          Manito Midwest Central

Griggsville Academy            closed                                        closed

Griggsville                           Perry                                          Griggsville-Perry

Hartsburg                             Emden                                       Hartsburg-Emden

Hennepin                            G’ville Hopkins, Mag.-Swaney    Granville Putnam County

Henry                                   Putnam Senachwine                 Henry-Senachwine

Hersman                              Mount Sterling                           Mount Sterling Brown County

Hopedale                            Atlanta, Stanford-Minier,            Stanford Olympia

Danvers, McLean-Waynesville-Armington

Illiopolis                              Niantic-Harristown                      Niantic Sangamon Valley

Industry                                Rushville                                   Rushville-Industry

Ipava                                   Table Grove, Vermont               Table Grove VIT

Joy                                       Keithsburg, New Boston            Joy Westmer

Joy Westmer                        Aledo                                        Aledo Mercer County

Keithsburg                           Joy, New Boston                        Joy Westmer

Kenney                                Clinton                                      Clinton

Kewanee Visitation             closed                                        closed

Kew. Wethersf”d Union        closed                                        closed

Kilbourne                             Bath-Lynchburg                         Bath Balyki

Kirkwood                              Little York                                  Monmouth Yorkwood

Knoxville St. Alban’s           moved                                        Sycamore St. Alban’s

Knoxville St. Margaret        closed                                         closed

Knoxville St. Mary               closed                                        closed

Lacon                                  Varna                                         Varna Mid-County

LaFayette                            Toulon                                       Toulon-LaFayette

LaPrairie                              Camp Point, Golden                 Camp Point Central

LaRose                                 Low Point-Washburn/Toluca     Low Point-Washburn or Toluca

LaSalle St. Patrick/Boys       LaSalle St. Pat./Girls                LaSalle St. Patrick/St. Vincent

LaSalle St. Patrick/Girls       LaSalle St. Pat./Boys                LaSalle St. Patrick/St. Vincent

LaSalle St. Patrick/St. Vincent  closed                                  closed

Latham                                Warrensburg                              Warrensburg-Latham

Lima                                    Loraine, Mendon, Ursa              Mendon Unity

Little York                            Kirkwood                                    Monmouth Yorkwood

Littleton                               Rushville                                   Rushville

Lomax                                 Dallas City or Stronghurst          Dallas City or Stronghurst

London MIlls                        Ellisville, Fairview, Maquon      London MIlls Spoon River Valley

Loraine                                Lima, Mendon, Ursa                  Mendon Unity

Low Point                             Washburn                                  Low Point-Washburn

Mackinaw                             Deer Creek                                Deer Creek-Mackinaw

Macomb Western                  closed                                      closed

Magnolia                             McNabb Swaney                       Magnolia-Swaney

Manito                                 Forest City                                 Manito Forman

Manito Forman                    Green Valley                             Manito Midwest Central

Maquon                               Ellisville, Fairview, L. Mills        London Mills Spoon River Valley

Mason City                           Easton, San Jose                      Mason City Illini Central

Matherville                           Sherrard                                   Sherrard

McLean                                Waynesville                              McLean-Waynesville

McLean-Waynesville            Armington                                 McLean-Waynesville-Armington

McLean-W’ville-Arm’ton       Atlanta, Stanford-Minier,           Stanford Olympia

Danvers, Hopedale

McNabb Swaney                 Magnolia                                   McNabb Magnolia-Swaney

Media Wever                       Stronghurst                                Stronghurst Southern

Mendon Township               Lima, Loraine, Ursa                   Mendon Unity

Meredosia                           Chambersburg                           Meredosia-Chambersburg

Middletown                         New Holland                              New Holland-Middletown

Milan                                  closed                                        Rock Island

Mineral                               Annawan                                    Annawan

Minier                                 Stanford                                     Stanford-Minier

Moline St. Mary                  Rock Island St. Joseph               Rock Island Alleman

Monmouth                          Roseville                                    Monmouth-Roseville

Monmouth Warren              Alexis                                         Alexis United

Monmouth Yorkwood          Alexis United                             Alexis United

Mount Sterling                    Hersman                                    Mount Sterling Brown County

Mount Sterling St. Mary      closed                                        closed

Nauvoo-Colusa                    DEACTIVATED                          Warsaw

Nauvoo St. Mary                  closed                                        closed

Nauvoo Sts. Peter & Paul    closed                                        closed

Neponset                             DEACTIVATED                          Kewanee HS

New Boston                         Joy, Keithsburg                          Joy Westmer

New Holland                       Middletown                                New Holland-Middletown

New Holland-Middletown    Lincoln                                       Lincoln

New Salem                         Pittsfield                                     Pittsfield

New Windsor                       Viola                                          Viola Winola

North Henderson                 Alexis                                         Monmouth United

Oneida                                Altona, Rio, Victoria                  Oneida ROVA

Oquawka                             Gladstone                                  Gladstone-Oquawka

Osceola                               Kewanee HS                             Kewanee HS

Payson                                Seymour of Payson                    Payson Seymour

Pearl                                   Milton                                        Milton East Pike

Peoria AOL                         Peoria Bergan, Peo. Spalding   Peoria Notre Dame

Peoria Bergan                     Peoria AOL, Peo. Spalding       Peoria Notre Dame

Peoria Kingman                  renamed                                    Peoria Woodruff

Peoria Spalding                  Peo. AOL, Peo. Bergan             Peoria Notre Dame

Peoria Woodruff                  Peoria School Dist.                    Peoria School Dist.

Perry                                   Griggsville                                  Griggsville-Perry

Peru St. Joseph                   closed                                        closed

Petersburg                           Oakford, Tallula                         Petersburg PORTA

Plainville                             Payson-Seymour                        Payson-Seymour

Plymouth                             Augusta Southeastern                Augusta Southeastern

Prairie City                          Bushnell                                     Bushnell-Prairie City

Putnam Senachwine           Henry                                         Henry-Senachwine

Quincy Chr. Bros/Cath Boys  Quincy Notre Dame HS            Quincy Notre Dame HS

Quincy College Academy    Quincy Notre Dame Academy   Quincy Notre Dame HS

Quincy Notre Dame Acad.    Quincy College Academy          Quincy Notre Dame HS

Ray                                           Rushville High School                Rushville-Industry HS

Reynolds                              merged w/other school districts  Taylor Ridge Rockridge

Rio                                       Altona, Onieda, Victoria            Oneida ROVA

Roanoka                              Benson                                       Roanoke-Benson

Rock Island St. Joseph         Moline St. Mary                         Rock Island Alleman

R. I. Villa de Chantal           closed                                        Rock Island Alleman

Roseville                              Monmouth                                 Monmouth-Roseville

Rushville                              Industry                                      Rushville-Industry

Salisbury                              Pleasant Plains                          Pleasant Plains

San Jose                              Easton, Mason City                    Mason City Illini Central

Sciota                                  Blandinsville, Good Hope          Sciota Northwestern

Sciota Northwestern             Colchester                                  Sciota West Prairie

Seaton                                 Aledo                                         Aledo

Seatonville                          Spring Valley Hall                     Spring Valley Hall

Secor                                   El Paso                                      El Paso

Sheffield                              Buda                                         Buda-Sheffield Western

Shirley Ben Funk                  Heyworth                                   Heyworth

Silvis                                    East Moline United Twp.           East Moline United Twp.

Smithfield                            Cuba                                          Cuba

Sparland                              Varna Mid-County                      Varna Midland

Springfield Cathedral           renamed school                         Springfield Griffin

Springfield Converse            renamed school                         Springfield Lanphier

Springfield Feitshans            renamed school                        Springfield Southeast

Springfield Griffin                 Springfield Sacred Heart          Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin

Springfield Sacred Heart      Springfield Griffin                     Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin

Springfield St. James           closed                                       closed

Springfield Ursuline              closed                                       closed

Stanford                                Minier                                      Stanford-Minier

Stanford-Minier                     Atlanta, Danvers, Hopedale,    Stanford Olympia


Stronghurst                           Media Wever                            Stronghurst Southern

Stronghurst Southern            Biggsville Union                       Biggsville West Central

Table Grove                         Ipava, Vermont                         Table Grove VIT

Tallula                                 Petersburg, Oakford                   Petersburg PORTA

Tennessee                            Colchester                                 Colchester

Terre Haute                          LaHarpe/Stronghurst                 LaHarpe/Stronghurst

Timewell                              Hersman, Mount Sterling          Mount Sterling Brown County

Tiskilwa                                Princeton                                  Princeton

Toluca                                 Minonk-Dana-Rutland, Wenona  Minonk Fieldcrest

Toluca St. Ann                     closed                                       closed

Toluca St. Joachim              closed                                       closed

Toulon                                 LaFayette                                  Toulon-LaFayette

Toulon Academy                 Toulon                                       Toulon

Toulon-LaFayette                Wyoming                                   Toulon Stark County

Trivoli                                  Farmington                                Farmington

Uniontown                           Farmington                                Farmington

Ursa                                      Lima, Loraine, Mendon            Mendon Unity

Varna                                   Lacon                                        Varna Mid-County

Varna Mid-County                Sparland                                    Varna Midland

Vermont                               Ipava, Table Grove                   Table Grove VIT

Versailles                             Hersman, Mt. Sterling, Timewell  Mount Sterling Brown County

Victoria                                Altona, Oneida, Rio                   Oneida ROVA

Viola                                    New Windsor                              Viola Winola

Viola Winola                        Sherrard                                     Sherrard

Walnut Grove                       Bushnell-Prairie City                  Bushnell-Prairie City

Warrensburg                         Latham                                      Warrensburg-Latham

Washburn                             Low Point                                  Low Point-Washburn

Wataga Sparta                     Oneida ROVA                           Oneida ROWVA

Waynesville                          McLean                                     McLean-Waynesville

West Point                            Bowen                                       Augusta Southeastern

Woodhull                             Alpha                                         Woodhull AlWood

Wyoming                             Toulon-LaFayette                      Toulon Stark County

Yates City                             Farmington                                Farmington

Youngstown                         Sciota Northwestern                   Sciota West Prairie


(East of I-39/US 51 between Interstate 80 & Interstates 72/74)

Allerton                                   Broadlands, Longview              Broadlands ABL

Alvin                                       Rossville                                    Rossville-Alvin

Anchor                                    Colfax, Cooksville                     Colfax Octavia

Argenta                                   Oreana                                     Argenta-Oreana

Arrowsmith                              Saybrook                                   Saybrook-Arrowsmith

Ashkum                                   Clifton                                       Ashkum-Clifton

Ashkum-Clifton                        Chebanse                                 Clifton Central

Beaverville Holy Family          closed                                       closed

Bellflower                                Farmer City-Mansfield               Farmer City Blue Ridge

Bismarck                                  Henning                                   Bismarck-Henning

Bonfield                                  Herscher                                   Herscher

Bourbonnais Notre Dame        Kankakee St. Joseph                Kankakee St. Joseph

Bourbonnais St. Viator            closed                                      closed

Bour. Acad/Srs of Mercy          closed                                      closed

Bloom. Il Wesleyan Prep         closed                                      closed

Braceville                                Coal City                                  Coal City

Braidwood Imm. Conception   closed                                      closed

Broadlands                              Allerton, Longview                   Broadlands ABL

Broadlands ABL                      Homer                                      Broadlands Heritage

Brooklyn                                  Rushville                                  Rushville

Browning                                 Rushville                                  Rushville

Buckingham                            Herscher                                   Herscher

Buckley                                   Loda                                         Loda

Buckley-Loda                          Paxton                                      Paxton-Buckley-Loda

Cabery                                    Kempton                                   Kempton-Cabery

Carbon Hill                              closed                                      Coal City

Champaign St. Mary               closed                                       closed

Channahon                             Minooka                                    Minooka

Chatsworth                              Fair.-Crop., For-Strawn-Wing     Fairbury Prairie Central

Chatsworth Sts. Peter & Paul   closed                                      closed

Chebanse                               Ashkum-Clifton                          Clifton Central

Chenoa                                   Fairbury Prairie Central            Fairbury Prairie Central

Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail       Chicago Heights Bloom Twp.    Chicago Heights Bloom Twp.

Clifton                                    Ashkum                                     Ashkum-Clifton

Colfax                                     Anchor, Cooksville                    Colfax Octavia

Colfax Octavia                        Saybrook-Arrowsmith                Colfax Ridgeview

Cooksville                               Anchor, Colfax                          Colfax Octavia

Cornell                                   Flanagan                                  Flanagan-Cornell

Crete                                      Monee                                      Crete-Monee

Crescent City                          changed name                          Crescent City Crescent-Iroquois

Crescent City C.-Iroquois        DEACTIVATED—sends students to Cissna Park or Watseka

Cropsey                                  Fairbury                                     Fairbury-Cropsey

Cullom                                   Kempton-Cabery                       Cullom Tri-Point

Dana                                      Minonk                                      Minonk-Dana

Danforth                                 Gilman, Onarga                        Gilman Iroquois West

Danville St. Mary                    closed                                       closed

Deland                                   Weldon                                      Deland-Weldon

DeWitt                                    Clinton                                      Clinton

Downs Kickapoo Valley          changed name                          Downs

Downs                                     Ellsworth                                   Elllsworth Tri-Valley

East Lynn                                Hoopeston                                Hoopeston-East Lynn

Ellis Township                        Armstrong                                 Armstrong-Potomac High School

Ellsworth                                 Downs                                       Ellsworth Tri-Valley

El Paso                                   Gridley                                      El Paso-Gridley

Fairbury                                  Cropsey                                     Fairbury-Cropsey

Fairbury-Cropsey                     Chatsworth, For-Strawn-Wing    Fairbury Prairie Central

Fairmount                               Indianola, Sidell                       Sidell Jamaica

Farmer City Moore Twp.         Mansfield                                  Farmer City-Mansfield

Farmer City-Mansfield             Bellflower                                 Farmer City Blue Ridge

Flanagan                                Cornell                                      Flanagan-Cornell

Foosland                                Gibson City                                Gibson City

Forrest                                    Strawn, Wing                              Forrest-Strawn-Wing

Forrest-Strawn-Wing                Chatsworth, Fairbury-Cropsey     Fairbury Prairie Central

Georgetown                            Ridge Farm                               Georgetown-Ridge Farm

Gibson City                             Melvin-Sibley                            Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley

Gifford                                    Rantoul                                      Rantoul

Gilman                                   Danforth, Onarga                       Gilman Iroquois West

Glenwood School for Boys     closed                                        closed

Grand Ridge                          Ottawa/Streator                          Ottawa/Streator

Gridley                                   El Paso                                      El Paso

Henning                                 Bismarck                                    Bismarck-Henning

Hoopeston                              East Lynn                                  Hoopeston-East Lynn

Hoopeston-East Lynn              Rankin                                       Hoopeston Area

Hoopeston John Greer            Hoopeston                                 Hoopeston

Hudson                                   Normal                                       Normal

Indianola                                Fairmount, Sidell                      Sidell Jamaica

Irwin Sacred Heart                  closed                                        closed

Kankakee Eastridge                Kankakee Westview                    Kankakee Senior

Kankakee St. Joseph Acad.    Kankakee St. Patrick Central       Kankakee McNamara

Kankakee St. Patrick Central   Kankakee St. Joseph Academy  Kankakee McNamara

Kempton                                Cabery                                        Kempton-Cabery

Kempton-Cabery                    Cullom                                        Cullom Tri-Point

Kinsman                                 Mazon                                       Mazon-Verona-Kinsman

Lane                                       Clinton                                      Clinton

Loda                                       Buckley                                     Buckley-Loda

Long Point                             name change                            Streator Woodland

Lostant                                   DEACTIVATED—sends students to Granville Putnam County,

LaSalle-Peru, Minonk Fieldcrest, or Streator Township

Ludlow                                   closed                                        Rantoul

Mahomet                               Seymour                                     Mahomet-Seymour

Manhattan                             New Lenox                                 New Lenox Lincoln-Way Central

Mansfield                               Farmer City                                Farmer City-Mansfield

Manteno Our Lady                 closed                                        closed

Maroa                                    Forsyth                                        Maroa-Forsyth

Marseilles                               Ottawa                                       Ottawa

Martinton                                Donovan                                    Donovan

Mazon                                    Kinsman                                     Mazon-Verona-Kinsman

Mazon-Verona-Kinsman         Seneca                                      Seneca

Melvin                                    Sibley                                        Melvin-Sibley

Melvin-Sibley                         Gibson City                                Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley

Minonk                                    Dana                                         Minonk-Dana

Minonk-Dana                          Rutland                                      Minonk-Dana-Rutland

Minonk-Dana-Rutland             Toluca, Wenona                        Minonk Fieldcrest

Momence St. Jude Sem.        closed                                        closed

Momence St. Patrick               closed                                        closed

Monee                                     Crete                                         Crete-Monee

Morris St. Angela Academy     closed                                        closed

Odell                                       Dwight/Pontiac                          Dwight/Pontiac

Odell St. Paul                         closed                                        closed

Onarga                                    Danforth, Gilman                       Gilman Iroquois West

Onarga Grand Prairie Sem.     renamed                                    Onarga Military Academy

Onarga Military Academy        closed                                        closed

Ottawa Catholic                       renamed, became all co-ed       Ottawa Marquette

Ottawa Pleasant View Acad.   closed                                         closed

Ottawa St. Columba                closed                                         closed

Ottawa St. Xavier Academy     renamed                                    Ottawa Catholic

Paxton                                     Buckley-Loda                             Paxton-Buckley-Loda

Penfield                                   Armstrong                                  Armstrong

Penfield St. Laurence              closed                                        closed

Piper City                                 Roberts-Thawville                      Piper City Ford Central

Piper City Ford Central             split into three schools               Gilman Iroquois West,

Paxton-Buckley-Loda, and Cullom Tri-Point

Potomac                                  Armstrong                                   Armstrong

Potomac Judy Industrial          closed                                         closed

Potomac Wescove Christian    closed                                         closed

Rankin                                     Hoopeston-East Lynn                  Hoopeston Area

Ransom                                   Streator Township                       Streator Township

Rantoul Donovan Memorial    closed                                         closed

Reddick RUCE                         Herscher                                      Herscher

Ridge Farm                             Georgetown                                 Georgetown-Ridge Farm

Roberts                                    Thawville                                    Roberts-Thawville

Roberts-Thawville                    Piper City                                    Piper City Ford Central

Rossville                                  Alvin                                           Rossville-Alvin

Rossville-Alvin                         DEACTIVATED—sends students to Hoopeston Area & Bismarck-Henning

Rutland                                   Minonk-Dana                              Minonk-Dana-Rutland

St. Anne Academy                  closed                                         closed

St. George                               Bradley                                      Bradley-Bourbonnais

Saunemin                               Pontiac                                       Pontiac

Saybrook                                 Arrowsmith                                  Saybrook-Arrowsmith

Saybrook-Arrowsmith               Colfax Octavia                            Colfax Ridgeview

Sheldon                                  Milford                                        Milford

Sibley                                      Melvin                                        Melvin-Sibley

Stockland                                Milford/Sheldon/Welllington       Milford/Sheldon/Wellington

Strawn                                     Forrest, Wing                               Forrest-Strawn-Wing

Streator New Michigan Acad.  closed                                         closed

Thawville                                Roberts                                        Roberts-Thawville

Thomasboro                            Rantoul                                       Rantoul

Tonica                                     LaSalle-Peru                              LaSalle-Peru

Towanda                                 Normal Community                     Normal Community

Union HIll                                Reddick                                       Reddick RUCE

Wapella                                   Clinton                                        Clinton

Weldon                                    DeLand                                       DeLand-Weldon

Wellington                               Hoopeston-East Lynn                  Hoopeston-East Lynn

Wenona                                   MInonk-Dana-Rutland, Toluca    Minonk Fieldcrest

Wing                                        Forrest, Strawn                            Forrest-Strawan-Wing

Woodland                                Milford/Watseka                          Milford/Watseka

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