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Beaverville Holy Family Academy Building
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The History of Beaverville Holy Family Academy

Beaverville (population 391) is located in upper-eastern Illinois, some might even say lower-northeastern Illinois.  Beaverville sits in the northeastern portion of Iroquois County.  Beaverville is located in a country setting at the intersection of County Roads 3000N and 2500E.  Illinois Route 1 passes by about four miles to the west while U.S. Route 52 travels by Beaverville approximately four miles to the south.  The Illinois/Indiana border is 8 miles east of Beaverville. The Kankakee, Beaverville, & Southern Railroad passes through Beaverville as well.  Beaverville sits about 20 miles southeast of Kankakee.

A nice history of the town can be found at the web address of .  A brief summary of the history of Beaverville based on this article is as follows:

Beaverville first incurred the name of St. Mary’s. Upon the construction of the railroad through the area, it was discovered that the name of St. Mary’s was already in use.  “Beaverville”, the name of a nearby post office, was then accorded the name of the town.  The township of Beaverville was established in 1921.  The town has had many successful businesses.

The catholic church had a very early presence in the town of Beaverville.  The parish known as St. Mary’s was established in 1856.  In 1895 the school known as Holy Family Academy was started. ( .

Holy Family Acedemy began in 1895 and served as a co-educational grade school for grades 1 – 8 until 1966.  The Academy offered a four-year high school for girls only through 1969.  Courses were offered for training to become a nun. It was operated by the Provincialate and the Novitiate of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary. High school students came from the area and from Indiana, Chicago, and even from outside of the United States.  Most were boarders during the week at the school.

The buildings that once housed Holy Family Academy were razed in the 1970s.  Check out the St. Mary’s Church website at .

Holy Family Academy Quick Facts

Year opened:                  1895

Year GS closed:             1966

Year HS closed:             1969

Year bldgs. razed:          1977

School Colors:                Blue & White

Sports in HS not offered

 Extra-Curricular Activities

It is doubtful that inter-scholastic sports were offered at the Holy Famly Academy high school level.  Other activities and clubs likely were a part of the curriculum however.

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